How to choose proper grip size?
You want the best pistol grip you can get, but can't decide which size you need for your hand?

So we made a simple chart to determine which grip size you need. Please keep in mind that all hands are different and some shooters may prefer smaller/larger grip than usual. This chart should serve as a rough reference to make your choice easier. You have two options of measuring your hand size.

First method

Measure the length from the last crease on your wrist, just below the palm, to the end of your middle finger.

  • If your hand is up to 180 mm (7.1') long, you need Regular size grips.
  • If your hand is between 180-195 mm (7.1' - 7.7') long, you need Medium size grips.
  • If your hand is more than 195 mm (7.7') long, you need Large size grips.

Second method

Print out one of these PDF documents (depending if you use A4 or Letter size paper), put your hand on the hand outline, aligning with bottom of the palm and see where your middle finger ends. Based on that, you can choose one of three grip sizes - Regular, Medium and Large (if available for your desired pistol and grip model). Please make sure to print the file at actual size. Do not use option "Fit to page" or similar if your software allows it.

Download printable PDF chart

A4 paper size

Print at 100% size, do not use "fit to page" option.

Letter paper size

Print at 100% size, do not use "fit to page" option.

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